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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
When an opposing captain tells me in advance that she is defaulting a court, I decide which two players should take the default with strategic considerations in mind.

For instance:

I might decide to use those two slots to qualify players for the post-season, as OP hopes to do.

I might decide not to list a player who is nursing and injury and who might later wish to be deleted from the roster. My listing her might mean she could no longer get a refund of her registration fees.

I do not believe the opposing captain has any right whatsoever to decide who you must list for a default. And I am quite confident that players need not show up for a match that has been defaulted in advance.

Now, say the situation were a little different. Say opposing captain did not give advance notice of the default and instead handed you a line-up cart with "DF" on it. Your line-up would already have your two players written on it.

At that point, I do not believe you would be allowed to change your line-up and your two players would need to be there to accept the DF. You could always ask the opposing captain to let you change it, but if she objects you are stuck.

Bottom line: I am siding with you, OP, unless your league rules are different from ours.
I understand what you are saying... so the wildcard in the OP's scenario is that the opposing captain declared the default ahead of time. If that captain would've turned in the card with a default on it, there would not be any issue since the OP would either have also entered a default, or entered names of people who could play (meaning NOT his out-of-towner).

If that is the case, then that supports Swanks post. Do the right thing, meaning his out-of-towner should not get credit for the match either way. Right? Anything else is manipulating the system... and I've read pages and pages of people complaining about people manipulating the system in different ways (notably self-raters).
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