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Ill give you guys a little test here as well. Seeing my experiences with Lesbians gives me the ability to know who is and is not one. Ill help you out.

Question 1.

How can you tell if this woman is a lesbian?

Answer : The WNBA jersey.

If you need further proof this woman (yes also wearing a WNBA jersey and also lesbian).

Chamique Holdsclaw is in custody after being accused of shooting into a woman's car after using a bat to break its windows.

Atlanta police said Thursday the incident happened Tuesday after the Olympic gold medalist followed 29-year-old Jennifer Lacy to her car. Lacy plays for the Tulsa Shock.

No one was injured. Lacy identified the 35-year-old Holdsclaw, one of the biggest stars in women's college basketball history during her career at Tennessee, as an ex-girlfriend. They were teammates with the Atlanta Dream in 2009.

This kinda stuff happens all the time in the WNBA players hooking up with each other, most dont as far as shooting at the other one though.
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