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Originally Posted by SQA333 View Post
Anyone notice this?

Against the top guys, Djokovic pretty much only does his outrageous celebrations when he wins against Federer. Against Nadal (excluding the Australian Open this year), Murray or any other member of the top 10, he is muted.

I think we all know the reason why.

Lol...did you not watch any of his celebrations last year whenever he beat Nadal (which was often) especially at Madrid where his coach rolled about half-naked on top of a car bonnet and Nadal complained about the noisy celebrations outside his hotel room?

Muted is hardly the word I would have chosen. Djokovic usually goes bonkers whenever he wins a big tournament no matter who he has beaten.
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."
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