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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
I was selling a racket, sent pics on request to an asian kid in the LA area.
Don't recall his username but he trades here, I guess.

He made me a rather low offer and I said no thank you. Gave me some nonsense that he was buying the racket for his brother and his brother didn't want to pay that much. I did not believe there really was a brother involved but that the kid thought this would be a clever negotiating ploy. What a tool!

About a week later, I noticed he was running an ad on CL in LA selling the same model racket and using my pics.


I think the best method is to offer a fair price based on recent sales of comparable rackets and mention in the ad that the price is firm (unless you are willing to go through the haggling process.) Otherwise, offer a higher price than you really want and let the other guy beat you down to the market price. Some people just seem to need to do that. You could be selling Sampras' personal 6.0 for a $1 and they will offer you 50 cents.

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