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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
That's very interesting, because you describe a very similar situation to what got me thinking about trying out another racket myself. With the 200 Tour I can hit a pretty heavy ball for my level, and thus get a lot of mid-court balls back. Living in Europe, I play mostly on clay and hence I need to play a quality approach shot or angled winner on those short balls if I don't want to find myself exposed to passing shots and lobs. With the Tour I tend to hit a lot of those shots just long or clipping the tape, thus losing points that were mine for the taking. This can get pretty frustrating at times, especially when my opponent cottons on to it... I've been working with my coach on reducing my backswing and adding a bit more zip to my swing and thus topspin to my shots on those mid-court balls, and although that works well in practice, I'm still vulnerable in matches.

So I've also been thinking to try out something with a little less swing weight to see if that helps me get some easier tipspeed and a little more zip on those shots. At the same time, I really enjoy the heft of my Tours from the back court and on serve, as well as on volleys, so I'm loathe to loose that with a lighter swinging racket. By the sound of it, you've found a happy compromise in the Prestige Pro, and indeed I read some glowing TW reviews on it. Do you never miss the plow through of your Tours? I mean, you've gone down in swing weight by some 25+ points...
Funny you mention the European clay courts. I always heard people at my club say how much slower they are than Har-Tru. You don't really understand it until you play a match on the red stuff. Every approach shot just sits up and it seems like your opponent has all day to setup for a passing shot.
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