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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Mmm, no, I think I was saying the opposite.

The norm is that if a captain defaults a line in advance and gives notice that she doesn't have two players to contest that court, the other captain should honestly state whether she does have two players.

If the non-defaulting captain does have *any* two players available, then she can in good conscience take the default without having her players show up. I believe it is perfectly fine to insert the names of any two eligible players regardless of their ability to play that match.

If the defaulting captain does not trust the non-defaulting captain to tell the truth about whether she has two players available, the defaulting captain should just keep her mouth shut, show up for the match and see if the defaulting captain does indeed have enough players.
Ok, but the underlined "available" is the crux for the OP... since it seems as tho his out-of-towner was not available, but she still needed to get another match recorded.. so to put that player's name on the card, knowing that they were not actually available.....?
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