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Originally Posted by djokovic2008 View Post
So you want super fast courts with no tennis skill required so karlovic and the like can do well PLEASE, it was super fast in the 90s and was sending us to sleep now you see shoting making and not one two punch tennis.

When verdasco played Raonic last year and got served off the court he said "this is not tennis" and at that time Raonic was less developed than he is now. Is that what you what big servers without skill or touch knocking out shotmakers well DO YOU??
I don't think it's fair to say that super fast courts mean no tennis skills. I don't think anyone wants all or even a majority of courts to be like that but it would be nice to have more variety. I used to be a huge Sampras fan and sometimes I loved to watch him serve 4 aces to finish a game. Even with Djokovic sometimes I like to see him play incredible defense but sometimes I like him to just swing for the fences.

If we can keep the physicality of the modern game but also speed up a couple of tournaments (USO and a couple of masters) , then we will have a pretty good balance of everything. Then we would have

USO - Fast
Wimby - Medium Fast
AO - Medium
RG - Slow

With the Masters if we speed up Paris/WTF, we have Rome/MC (slow) , Madrid (fast clay - need to figure out the slipperiness issue), IW/Miami/Toronto (medium) and then we could have Cincy/Paris/wTF fast. Maybe replace one of those HC masters with a grass masters and we would be perfect.
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