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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
For the money....Pacific Classic is 100x better.
Classic 16 is definitely softer than Legend 16. I have about 8.5 hours on Classic now, and I think it's going to break in the next hour or two, but I've been breaking lots of strings lately, so I can't compare the durability to Legend, but I'm pretty sure it withstands shanks better than typical multis and lasts longer than multis too.

I don't think I play any better with Classic than I do with Legend. In fact, I think I might be better at the net with Legend because it's more crisp. Classic seems to have less power which is good and bad. I'm pleasantly surprised sometimes to see balls land just inside the baseline.

I'm going to try Tonic 16 and Classic 16L sometime in the near future. I'm not that optimistic about Classic 16L because the durability of the 16 gauge is not quite what I wanted, but I already bought it and might as well try it.

I think I do prefer Classic over Legend because of the softness. Playability is close. Durability is a question mark. I would not say it's 100x better.
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