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Originally Posted by rufus_smith View Post
At the post-match press conference Novak deliberately gave out Swiss chocolates, something Roger should do. Coincidence? think not.
Does Novak know what kind of person he's in danger of angering? I truely hope Federer keeps the rivalry to tennis and doesn't do any that could destroyer Novaks personal life.

Originally Posted by PCXL-Fan View Post
I think you might have a pretty good point. This act shows the sociopath in Federer. Deeply bitter narcissistic and sinister when someone robs him of his glory. You see the mask come off for a second and the ugly terrifyingly cold and uncareing person underneath. Now before you laugh me off or call me a troll, this is something a sociopath tries utmost to keep secret. There are shades of this sociopathic behaviour in his relationship with Mirka. What type of person would court the woman of his life and use her over and over and over again for years and year like a dirty dishrag and not marry her like Federer did?

Some of you readers might not be a father, but let me tell you if someone did that to my daughter for years and years I would not be able to control myself from the outage of such maltreatment. Although Federer's PR team keeps it under wraps its quite likely that Mirka's parents had to wage a war against Federer in order to get him to marry Mirka after he impregnated her. They likely threatened Federer that they could come out with the real story, and destroy his career much like it did Tiger Woods.

Another interesting point. Many sociopaths have no internal identity. Instead they try to assume the identiy of others. Was he in some small way trying to assume a small bit of Djokovics identity by sitting in his chair?
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