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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
Any ideas on why Del Potro has never really done well here? I would think slow hardcourts would suit him exceptionally well, but he hasn't done very much. Ran into Roger twice in the quarters, but could hardly put up a fight each time.
2010 del potro (4th rd),struggled to get through matches with wrist injury that he would soon rest for 3months before surgery in may, meant he only played 2 more match at end of 2010 season,

2011 was the start of the comeback, he lost in 2nd rd to bagdhatis or tsonga (jmdp world rank after aust open 485),..2012 rank 11, as you say he lost to fed in really its very distorted as 2009 when he was few months past 20yrs was last time he fully fit there.
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