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^ I agree. A jumping BH (or FH) can be hit with spin or pace if timed well and executed properly. Chang, Rios, Safin, Verdasco, Nadal and others have done so quite often.

Originally Posted by Roberto_spin View Post
Thanx for sharing al tips on how to perform this stroke.

Ocassions to when to use are:
* high balls (on the rise?), to have higher contact with the ball
(e.g. returning a kick-serve)
* hitting angles
* other...
I actually adopted a variation for my 1-hander because I had a lot of heel pain (right foot) and tennis elbow (left arm). For a while, I was suffering from painful heel spurs on my right leg. I did not realize it at first, but the heel pain resulted in TE on the opposite arm. After 2-3 weeks of TE, I realized the connection. I was not loading up and driving off my right foot to hit my lefty BH. As a result, I had compensated in such a manner as to out added stress to my elbow.

At the time, I recall marveling at Safin's implementation of the mule-kick BH (2-handed). I noticed that the loading and drive was done with the front leg and not the back leg and decided that I could use it for my one-handed BH. I implemented it by leaning forward a bit to put more weight on my bent forward leg. I found that I drive off that front leg with no pain to my back foot. For higher shots, I would employ a modified mule-kick. After 3-4 weeks of this my TE disappeared and my heel pain had also started to diminish considerably. Here is a sample of the Safin jumping BH that you can play with:

To study the mule-kick BH, pause the Safin video and then step thru the sequence frame-by-frame using the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard. For a jumping FH, you might try searching for "Air Kei" (Nishikori). For a implementation of of a 1-handed mule-kick BH, take a gander at this:

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