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As William Shatner said in Star Trek IV ... "One little mistake!"

Thanx guys, it is funny now that I see it. Must have been tired. Or maybe it was a Freudian slip.

The machine has not yet paid for itself, but it is well on its way. Plus, I like the fact that I can experiment whenever I want.

I have gotten much better since I started a few months ago. It used to take me an hour to do one racquet. Now I can do the mains in under 15 minutes, and the crosses take about 25. I could probably do better speed wise, but I always double check my crosses to avoid having to pull them out and start over because of one mistake.

I have been using two pieces on all of my racquets, even when they are the same. It just seems a little easier to me. I have heard that a one piece has less tension loss over time. Is there that big of a difference? I have not seen any tension loss on my two piece jobs with the same type string. I always double tie every knot.
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