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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Saw that on ESPN - Can't believe Holdsclaw shot into that car. Crazy.
But you can totally believe she is lesbian.

Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
hwood. good to see you post again. why don't you turn your highly tuned lesdar on this woman and give us your analysis
With Ms. Rice you have alot of factors at play.

She dated an NFL player but aside from that there is not much history of any interests. Is 58 not married no kids. Id say that leans toward the Lez side.

Sepnt time in a man heavy worl of politics and around military types. Ive seen plaenty of Lesbians in the military and most of the actual females that can tolerate all the machismo have at least experimented with lesbianism.

She is a member of Augusta National Golf club. Another good old boys club. She is apperntly a pretty good golfer. I went to an LPGA championship when it was here in Havre de Grace. Pretty much besides reporters, my Aunt, and family member the other 85% lof the crowd were blantly lesbian, and the rest were probably like 50% secretly behind the scenes lesbian.

There is a 92.5812857626492638562345128 percent chance that Condy (thats is pretty lesbian sounding nickname. Not as bad as a girl named michelle going by Mitch but its up there) is a lesbian.
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