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[QUOTE=Angle Queen;7018822]Now, now. Don't speak for all us women-folk. On the tennis court, I love a challenge...whether I'm issuing it or receiving it. And don't get me wrong, I've got a tad of an ego too but if I've established myself on a ladder (or at a level....regardless of my USTA-given NTRP)...I'm neither worried nor nervous at defending it to anyone who'd try.

That's why I'll be seriously pushing for our club to have some sort of ladder/tree/challenge system next year. QUOTE]

If the challenge system is one like you described in your previous post -- only allowed to challenge one position up or sideways -- That sounds like something I'd be fine with. My son plays in a what I think is a frustrating ladder league; the club assigns you your opponent and it could be anyone, but if the number 30 beats the number 2, he is moved up to number 2. It seems terribly unfair to me. Even if you've been beaten by all the players from number 3 to 29, if you beat number 2 once you get to move up ahead of all of them.
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