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Lifestyle changes will not control high blood pressure in everyone.

High blood pressure is not known as the "silent killer" for nothing.

A widow showed up to at the tennis courts to tell us our friend "Dan" was dead.

We were shocked.

Dan was in the best shape of anyone I think I ever knew. He was only in late thirties.

He always went from the tennis courts to the gym to "really" work out.

He could crush a ball and play for hours.

Someone I know went backpacking with him and could not believe the weight he always kept his backpack at, or his rate of ascent.

Yet he suddenly died at a family picnic just horsing around with his nieces and nephews.

So why did he die?

His widow said he had high blood pressure and did not like to take medication. She knew his blood pressure was not under control. Beyond that, she didn't have any other explanation for his sudden cardiac death.
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