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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Why are you sure of this ? Not consistent with her own quotes or Mr. Bill's experience.

Yes, it is, becuase she is not an passive actor in this situation. It's her job, one might argue her even her primary(but not exclusive) responsibility, to recruit players. If the traditional powerhouses take the top 20,30, and she can't get any of those, well, whose fault is that ? Blame it on the weather ? If its completely unreasonable for her to compete in her conference with at least some American Scholarship players, and this is completely unachievable, than they should change conferences, or just drop tennis. But the simple fact is, its not. Other teams in her conference have better records, with more American kids, who were not necessarily even 5 stars. Arizona, which used to get 5 stars, now is recruiting blue chips. First step is an attitude adjustment.

It is also unreasonable is becuase she has shown many of the foreign kids she has offered scholarships are probably the equivalent of 4 star level players players. Even if unintentional, a by product of the difficulty if foreign recruiting, her records shows that she has a lower standard for foreign players than she does for Americans.
I tired of going over the same arguments over and over. Fine you think she is doing a terrible job. I think she is doing an ok job. But none of it matters. The only person that matters is her boss and she is going on her 8th year.

All your whining is not going to change anything. Welcome to 21st century. It is a global market. You and your tennis kids better adjust to the foreign competition, it is not going away.
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