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Originally Posted by SQA333 View Post
Anyone notice this?

Against the top guys, Djokovic pretty much only does his outrageous celebrations when he wins against Federer. Against Nadal (excluding the Australian Open this year), Murray or any other member of the top 10, he is muted.

I think we all know the reason why.

I believe he expresses himself more defiantly than some of the other players because of the difficult path he had to take to make it among the games elite. He's victory "roar" and behavior that most find offensive stems from him being faced with overwhelming circumstances/responsibilities for an extended period of time. There are tremendous feelings of pressure and responsibility when your family "bets the farm" on you when you're 12 and will end up poor on the street if you don't hit it big. If you know him, you realize that this energized behavior is directed at the obstacles/pressures he had hurdled in his life up to that point and not specifically that match or that opponent. Every time he wins something significant his mind automatically takes him back to those grim days and he explodes with emotion. "I did it"
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