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Originally Posted by Agassifan View Post
He is quite greedy, so I think he will retire only in 2016. He will be a threat at the next 8 slams and will probably win one of them. Finishes with 18 slams and a couple more Masters, probably even one more WTF.

i agree with your second sentence in its entirety.

Why is it greedy for him to play at all for as long as he wants?

If he wants to play, he'll play, I'd be shocked if he went out there ONLY for dough. It would be difficult to spend the money the man has already made in one lifetime. No to mention his earning power won't be over the second he walks off the court...:
- he'll still get money sponsoring things for YEARS after his tennis career is over like MJ does with basketball.

- he could make more than all but the top 1% of people in the world just by doing 2-3 exos a year.

- Any TV broadcast would hire him yesterday to do match analysis

- Some tournament would love to have him as an investor/partner

or he could even open up some type of tennis clinic and just let the money roll in... or he could do ALL of the above
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