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I've compared 2 SV vs Ps 6.0 China vs KPS88.
They were all in stock form:

- PS SV bumperless(65-70lbs),12.31 oz ,9HL unstrung
- PS SV bumper version (55-65lbs),12.27oz,9HL unstrung
- PS 6.0 China,12,06,12HL unstrung
- KPS88 China,12.38oz,9HL unstrung

All the racquet were strung with technifibre Xone biphase 1.24 50/48 lbs.

The 2 SV 18mm thick,the PS 6.0 and KPS88 17mm measured.

I did a test on the Babolat for the stiffness once strung:

SV bumperless:64RA
SV bumper:62RA
PS 6.0:65RA

The PS 6.0 compared to the SV and the KPS,apart from the different specs,seems to have less mass in the throat, sounds "empty" on the upper hoop.

The SV compared to the KPS seems to have more mass in the mid section,or a "different kind" of mass.

I agree with you about the different feel,with the KPS closer to the SV than the PS 6.0.

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