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Originally Posted by RF20Lennon View Post
Djokovic has the BEST defense EVER. And in slow courts like the O2 combined with feds now slow movement, its obvious fed is going to have to run more and will shank more because his racket head speech is way more than Djokovic's and he uses a smaller head size. But on a fast court like Cincy Fed has Blasted Djokovic out in 2009 (6-1 7-5) and in 2012 (6-0 7-6) precisely why hes beaten him in Wimby this year as well. But on slower courts Djokovic def. has the advantage big time!
Lol whatever makes you sleep at night p.s Dubai is fast and djoker killed fed in straight sets! You have no argument fed got outplayed plain and simple you also forgot to mention djoker is the best returner of ALL TIME.
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