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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
I can say that the symptoms were there. A lower grade pull. Without this treatment, this type of pull in my previous history would take 3 weeks to heal. It's now ready for match play five days later. I've played matches with: broken racquet hand, pulled calf, pulled groin, pulled ham, destroyed ankle at work. My job involves daily physical pain. I once took the first set off the number 1 norcal open player, the day after being jumped by six black teenagers. So I know a little bit about the subject of playing hurt! (Got one of them put away from local high school pics. Punk called me that am to threaten me about showing to court.) Lost the next two sets though. Pain got to me. Black eyes, bruises, broken hand, and still took the first set off the #1 open player in northern cal. What should that tell you? It should tell you that almost no here could have done that uninjured, let alone with a broken fractured frame hand.

I find it telling that no one sees any value out of the obvious. This works. Not just with me, with anyone willing to hear it. Anyone who does not believe in the energetic fields, talk to chinese medicine experts like Djokovics doctor Igor Cetkovic. Although it's usually a waste of time posting here, someone may benefit from it. If you do, let others know.

. . .
It tells me you have regularly chosen to use unsound judgment and have dangerously and foolishly chosen to play in physically compromised conditions. "Energetic fields." G, I think you have been shocked by electricity too many times while on the job.

Bye, bye Babolat. Going to Pacific.
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