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Originally Posted by AR15 View Post
One problem with the silver is how fragile it is. I do not abuse my racquets by deliberately hitting things (other than balls). However, during my serve follow through, my silver slipped out of my sweaty hand onto the court (rubico soft court) and the frame cracked all the way through...
I have had the same experience one time with the X-Red, but luckily nothing happened to the frame. Joyful one, but to much swing weight against heavy hitting opponents.

Originally Posted by AR15 View Post
I played with the silver for several months, and moved to the XP, which is my current racquet...For me, the XP 102 Black seems to have a bit more pop. I serve better with it too (get more balls in).
Agree on the power but yet it is very controlable power, and serving is great.
Let the OP make his own experience, looking into his racquet history on this board, we should not worry too much the time will come, that he will appreciate the strengths of X-P Dual
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