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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
I ripped my hamstring in a tournament, on icy steps, over the week end. I've since healed it. No more pain anyway. If you've ever ripped a ham, it can last for years untreated. It's four days of treatment. I lost the match 7-6 6-4, but that was due to the rip. I'm not special. Before treatment, I had a ham rip that lasted 7 years. And I'm mid fifties, not 18.

How do I know it was a real rip? Great pain, no sleep, limping, soreness, swelling, weakness upon lifting leg in postions, knotted sore spot, pain upon touching, slower movements, etc. Anyone else heal a ham rip in four days? No.
Actually I had a quite similar experience with a torn calf during the warm up for
1st rd of Alta playoffs. I was carried off the court by teammates and replaced.
I started a schedule of vitalzym (blend of enzymes for recovery) and was ready
for our second round match the next weekend. Calf tears normally heal slower
than Hams in my experience. I've seen guys lose 6 wks to 6 months with them.
I did use ice the 1st two days as well and was about 80%+ for the match and we won easily. was torn, with all the black and blue discoloring that dropped down to
the ankle area. There are ways to improve healing.
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