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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
it's unfortunate the color jumps out from his anecdote but if it was true I don't believe there's much issue about racism. no generalization just specific incident.

he didn't need to mention the color for the purpose of the story but I think most of us can see thru those peculiar and personal tendencies can't we?
Hey, I take probably the most relaxed view on race of anyone I know, but unfortunately life experiences do shape our perceptions. My remark was not intended to start a firestorm, but it was too obvious to me that it needed to be black muggers to be on the same level as playing with torn muscles. As I said, I think no differently of kiteboard nor do I think he's racist. I just chose to call it out. It is these subtle things that people don't realize do indeed get noticed. Besides, kiteboard has far too many other peculiar traits for anyone to call him anything but eccentric
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