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Originally Posted by richsox View Post
Ross, Thanks for chiming in, as I've been following your threads on the Juice recently as well. This racquet does intrigue me indeed (I'd have to get by the hideous pj though--they must be smoking some good stuff in Wilson'd design/paint dep't.!)

I just finished playing in pea soup thick fog - and managed to give the TFight 305 another ride - the more I play it the less I like it - sometimes I just feel I am meant to be a babolonian and that's I have ordered the PS Ltd, the PS Storm Tour, and have the new 2013 APD coming in December, and I will then demo again the PDR - then I will tell my Mrs. which stick Santa shoudl bring me to add to my PD collection (Team and 2012) ....and who knows I may just try that Juice afterall too!
+2 on wondering what recreational drug or otherwise the Wilson design team are on these days... LSD perhaps?

Good luck with all those sticks. Wish I was checking the new APD. Do post your thoughts on that frame.
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