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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Sorry but I don't see tennis as a compelling reason for a family to move to another town/district (to attend a different public school), and for some families private school just isn't an option. So I don't see how this will spread out the talent among schools, if anything it would just reduce access to the sport.

Tennis is an expensive sport. The private schools and the public schools in wealthy neighborhoods will always have a bigger pool of players to draw from.
A family shouldn't move for HS tennis. Families do rent condos in the school districts to go to top HS programs, and it would be better for HS tennis if the talent would spread out a bit. As in all sports, the wealthy areas are going to have the better teams, and that will never change. But having good kids all go to one school so they can be team champions hurts the sport. With just 6 varsity spots this will reduce the recruiting of outside school area players and help spread out the talent.

Our top team in the area has players from several other school neighborhoods attending it to play on a championship team. They are terrific, but if they only had 6 varsity spots many kids would just play for their neighborhood HS and the dual matches would be much more exciting instead of the 18-0 drubbings that take place now. If you don't have good matches then it is a minor sport.

It is going to take a big move to make it a major sport at the high school level.
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