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Thumbs up hp and weight

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Last week I was 147 lbs. Still right at 5'11".
During the summer, I windsurf with the best National caliber slalom sailors, go fast, make fast jibes with no mistakes. Even the National Champ in slalom, TysonPoor, and we're about dead even. I've been competing since 1986 in slalom.
I back off a bit on jumps, so nothing close to 5 years ago. Still get the fin about 8' off the water. Landing on water is just much softer than dirt, snow, or cement.
I actually don't go to sites where there is consistent high winds, as that would tempt me to always go for the highest jumps of anyone on the water. I shouldn't be landing those jumps at my age.
On our open bikes, everyone would replace the rear tires after maybe 6 races. 125's could last longer, but only if the tracks were maintained and well watered. Blue groove tracks needed new tires every other race.
We practiced mostly on sand tracks at OceanBeach, SanFrancisco, right at the now City Sewer Plant, next to SFZoo. For some reason, I never got my Open bikes running at the Zoo sand track. Always rode 125's and 250's there.
Most fun was running from the cops on my BSA500MX. The cops had Honda350 dual purpose bikes, Harley street bikes, FordT%C sedans, and helicopters, which surprisingly, weren't too hard to lose in the tunnels to the beach and the houses in the SunsetDistrict.
Horses were the jokes. They'd run from us.
I did find some more info the service honda 500af is 230 wet and the other 450's wet are 245-250 wet. So I can add another 2 gallons which would add 12 pounds and be the same weight. I also found an article 500af vs 450 four stroke 2008 honda. The 450 had 52 hp and the 500 had 65 stock. Now Iam thinking a rejetted carb, ported head and rad valve should put out 71hp.Plus Iam sure they added some more hp since that motor was a 2008. The 500 was 2-3 secs faster per lap with 3 different riders. They said this bike would work great on a gp style mx track. Iwas thinking of changing the gearing since they said 2nd was too much and 3rd was too low. Add some more gear so I can rev out in 3rd and fourth I doubt I will ever use 5th.

PS: can u still play tennis?
305 for 15 REPS, 470 one rep max BENCH PRESS
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