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I'm don't like autobiographies that are written during a player's career. I wish that players would wait until after they have retired before working on them, as that way we get the full picture.

Here in the UK, many footballers release autobiographies when they haven't even reached their mid-20s yet and have barely anything interesting to talk about.

Obviously I understand why players like Nadal and Murray want to release autobiographies so early on in their lives and careers, to cash in, and they can't be blamed for that. I imagine that they will release second autobiographies after they have retired, but I doubt either of their careers and lives are interesting enough to merit 2 separate books.

Similarly Borg's autobiography, My Life and Game was a very enjoyable read. However it was released at the end of September 1980, and ignores his 1981 season and his various troubles from that year and beyond. Thus his book is simply incomplete.

Agassi's and McEnroe's autobiographies were both brilliant, and I've re-read them both a few times. I liked a Champions Mind by Sampras well.

I next plan on reading Becker's and Seles's autobiographies, in the case of Seles her second book 'Getting a Grip'.
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