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Default Lendl: "I have big plans for Andy. He is about 20% there."

If you want to read the story - go for it:

Alternatively here's the direct quotes coming out of the GOAT mouth of Ivan Lendl..

As long as it works for both of us, I can see myself being with him for the rest of his career. I have a lot of plans where I would like to see Andy end up with his game.

I think [he can achieve] a lot more. I'm not going to say number of Grand Slams, I'm just going to say where Andy is now, I take 'point A' - when we started working - now he's at 'point B', and when I envisage I would say he's about 20% there.

I think that [if Andy's career will be judged on whether he wins Wimbledon] is an inappropriate question because I think everybody knows he can, The question is 'is he going to win Wimbledon?' and know he will give it a good crack many, many times - not just once, not just in 2013 or 2014.

He has quite a few years left in him and he's going to give it a crack.

As you know in sport, you cannot predict, you can only anticipate - both Andy and I would be disappointed if at the end of the day he does not win [Wimbledon], But it's also a possibility that he may win more than one, and he may not win any.
I don't know, I don't know the answer to that, but he can.

So Ivan Lendl in 1 year has taken Murray to what he assesses as 'Point A' (2011: F,SF,SF,SF, #4 x 4) to 'Point B' (first slam won, 2 slam finals, gold and silver medal, tweaked motion forehand, #3).

Ivan Lendl seems a careful pragmatist in his closing remarks.

But one wonders, is 'Point E' winning the French Open and Monte Carlo?
Q: How close are you and Djokovic?
Murray: Well he's in Dubai and I'm Doha, so around 450kms
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