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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Gizo, I agree and for best perspective it's even better if they wait a while after the end of their pro career. They have to feel free to draw a balance sheet and touch on sensitive issues.
Yes I completely agree. For instance if Agassi had written his autobiography in 2001, would he have been as open and honest and written exactly what he thought of guys like Sampras, discussed all those stories about Gilbert and most notably talked about the whole crystal meth saga. God no because no player is going to be so brutally honest in a book when they are still on the tour.

I hope Nadal does release a second book after he has retired, because as well as giving the full picture of his career, he will feel more freedom to openly discuss his thoughts towards his rivals Federer and Djokovic, his feelings towards Uncle Toni and their coaching relationship etc. I felt like tennis fans missed out with one of the biggest superstars the sport has ever seen, Borg, not releasing a post-retirement autobiography.

I cannot wait for Connors's autobiography to come out next Summer.

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