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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
The video shows exactly why i dont like green ball. All they are doing is playing defensive trying not to miss.(DOWN THE MIDDLE) They are just hitting balls without a purpose. At around 20 sec into the video the kid gets a short ball to attack and gets to it and just rolls it back into play When they talk about constucting points i dont see it in the video. The green dots are hard to put away and they let these kids get a false sense about footwork. If thats what they consider point constuction then basically they are teaching kids to just grind and play defense.
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What I've noticed about these green ball matches is there's a lack of topspin on the shots. Because of the low compression and light weight of the ball, the kids can whack it and it will stay in the court, whereas a regulation ball would go long with the same stroke. The importance of topspin is greatly reduced with these low compression balls, so what happens when the kid must play regulation? How will they all of a sudden adjust their mechanics to put the necessary amount of spin on the ball to keep it in play? What a rude awakening that will be.
What I see in the video is marketing. Many parents equate keeping a ball in play for long rallies with success. Just go to a few orange tournaments and listen to the sideline chatter. The players in the videos have the game to do a lot better, but they need to be coached to construct points, attack short balls, hit with topspin, use angles to open the court, etc.

I don't use a lot of green with my 10YO, but when I do, or when he plays a green match, he has an offensive mindset and knows he has to construct a point to be able to hit a winner off me in practice or another kid in a match.

Again, I think they can be a tool when used with a purpose and direction. But in the marketing, long rally = success = more $ coming in.
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