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i tried all three before i settled on the silver. gold to me was the most solid but also felt a little sluggish. x-dual 102 played the most tweener-ish for me. wasn't convinced it would hold up to heavy hitting without a lot more weight. the silver was right in the middle weight wise and gave me room to either play with it stock or use the customization kits to bring up the weight.

i'm currently enjoying 0+ gram buttcap with 3 gram weight slide at 12 o'clock. using one overgrip. notice a lot more power and less vibration on shots near the top of the hoop. also tried and loved the 5+ gram buttcap and slides at 3 and 9 -- but only for baseline bashing. a huge amount more pop and stability.

comfort wise i found all three donnays to be really comfortable. but none of them were as arm friendly as the exo3 tour. but all three donnays also had a lot better feel and feedback. no more mushy response.
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