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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
What I see in the video is marketing. Many parents equate keeping a ball in play for long rallies with success. Just go to a few orange tournaments and listen to the sideline chatter. The players in the videos have the game to do a lot better, but they need to be coached to construct points, attack short balls, hit with topspin, use angles to open the court, etc.

I don't use a lot of green with my 10YO, but when I do, or when he plays a green match, he has an offensive mindset and knows he has to construct a point to be able to hit a winner off me in practice or another kid in a match.

Again, I think they can be a tool when used with a purpose and direction. But in the marketing, long rally = success = more $ coming in.
Get him away from green dot A.S.A.P!!!!!!!! Its gonna hurt his game. Now with my daughter we use new balls everyday.
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