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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
Did you use any weight customization with the Silver or XP Black 102? If so, what was your favorite set up?

I was hoping to stay under 22mm for the width (mental thing with me as well) and notice that the XP Black 102 is 23mm in some spots...where is this racquet the widest? Does it "play like a wider bodied racquet?"

Is the Black just as friendly on the arm as the Silver? I see the specs say it is slightly more flexy but I was just wondering if the lighter weight might cause stability problems with shock being translated to the arm.

Thanks for your input!

Thanks for the you find the X-P Black 102 to be arm friendly as well? The longer I go without playing tennis and still having my elbow hurt, the more I think that 'arm friendliness' is the most important factor in my next racquet.

I plan to try the weights on the XP again. The short hitting session I had with the weights at 3 and 9 seemed to make the frame's swing weight much heavier.

Yea...hopefully these racquets are still around when I'm able to get back out on a tennis court - June 2013. If they go super cheap before then I may just have to purchase one (along with the Customization Kit) and go with it.


Yes, I have experimented with the weights on both frames. I find I like the XP 102 stock with no weights. My fav combination with the silver was to leave the stock butt grip weight, but use one weight strip at the top of the frame.
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