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I have read a lot about this - energy fields, halos, chakras, qi, energized water, magnetic and ionic bracelets, etc. There is an underlying truth that every "thing" is ultimately just vibrations or waves and also that quantum effects are completely true yet completely at odds with everyday experience. The practitioners of these energy methods use these concepts to imply that somehow these effects are important in what they are doing. Because the body emits electromagnetic waves does not mean that moving a metal ring over an injury will fix the problem. Because the planets and stars exert gravitational force on us does not mean they control our destiny.

But what can you say when the staple of "travel" and "science" channels on TV are shows about paranormal things like ghosts and haunted hotels and spirits. A guy goes around with a meter and pronounces that a ghost has been sensed. A woman is "sure" that a spirit bumped into her and vanished. There are actually companies which will send investigators to hunt down the ghosts in your home.
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