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I tired of going over the same arguments over and over. Fine you think she is doing a terrible job. I think she is doing an ok job. But none of it matters. The only person that matters is her boss and she is going on her 8th year.

All your whining is not going to change anything. Welcome to 21st century. It is a global market. You and your tennis kids better adjust to the foreign competition, it is not going away.
I'm not forcing you to argue with me. I am well ware of the fact that I am not her boss. But her boss is not the only person the matters. The foreign scholarship problem will go away, one way or another, eventually. Either coaches, AD's, conference heads, the ITA and NCAA will wake up and realize that teams dominated by foreigners are hurting college tennis and start to control it, or more and more tennis programs will get canceled. Sorry, but when a school is looking to save money, and the AD wakes up and notices that his last place tennis program is 90% foreign, but his last place soccer squad is 75% American, where is he going to decide to save money ?

For all the people who say foreigners are good for American tennis, they never seem to be able to answer the question "how is it good for American tennis when an all foreign team plays another all foreign team?" That question was asked and nobody bothered to answer it.

As for it being a global market, that's wrong. It's global on the demand side, but not on the supply side. Market implies trade. If foreign schools had tennis scholarships and they recruited Americans, it would be free market, and I would have no problem with it. But they don't. No other sport has anywhere near the problem tennis has.

I have said numerous times that I, and most of the people appalled by the current situation, are not opposed to some foreigners. But the situation is out of hand and getting worse. I guess you guys like it that way and want the rest of us to just quit "whining", shut up and accept it. Maybe you have your own vested interests, I don't know and don't care.
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