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Originally Posted by yourmailman View Post
I have heard that a one piece has less tension loss over time. Is there that big of a difference? I have not seen any tension loss on my two piece jobs with the same type string. I always double tie every knot.
Uh.... I thought lower tension or tension loss was the point.... Just kidding but you've got to see the irony of such a statement.

As far as loss goes, it would be a percentage of the overall tension which would be much lower due to the initial low tensions. I've tried as low as 30 but I'll have to give it a go again. I still prefer 58-60 lbs but it is cold here and I'd think lower tensions would be much more comfortable in colder weather.

I also think working my way down from higher to lower w/ normal intervals would be a smart way to do it. I tried to jump from 60 straight to 30 and it was difficult.
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