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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
Clarky, there's no way in the world you're a Nadal fan. I've been following these boards pretty closely for the last year and a half, and I have never, ever, seen you write anything positive about Nadal. I don't know how in the world you would think anyone would think you're a Nadal fan. When you're not whining about him being a money-grubbing who*&, you're constantly going on about how Nadal should quit tennis, how he has lost all his passion, how he will never beat Djokovic again, how he will never win anything again, how he and his camp are consummate bullsh*&ers that play with his fanbase, and on and on.

If you were even remotely a fan, you would have written something after he beat Djokovic in MC, or Rome, or RG, something like, Wow, glad I was wrong. He's not the worst player in the world. I was actually waiting for you to write something like that. I didn't happen. You're silent when he wins, even momentous wins like RG, and when things aren't going well, you're the first person to pile on with something negative.

Whatever. I'm not a big enough **** for your liking so you think you get to decide who's a fan and who isn't. You may worship at the alter of Nadal,but I do not.

And if you were reading these boards for the past year and half you would have seen my posts admitting that I was wrong when Nadal beat his Master in MC,RG,etc... And you would have seen me give him credit for trying in the final at the AO,and give him credit for the way he played against Berdych at the AO in the last 2 sets. Maybe your eagle eye is broken,Winston.

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