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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Whatever. I'm not a big enough **** for your liking so you think you get to decided who's a fan and who isn't. You may worship at the alter of Nadal,but I do not.

And if you were reading these boards for the past year and half you would have seen my posts admitting that I was wrong when Nadal beat his Master in MC,RG,etc... And you would have seen me give him credit for trying in the final at the AO,and give him credit for the way he played against Berdych at the AO in the last 2 sets. Maybe your eagle eye is broken,Winston.
Okay, that's a start. I must have missed those comments that you made about MC, RG, etc. I stand corrected. I wouldn't call Novak his master, though. Yes, he did have a great run against Nadal, but wasn't it exciting as a Nadal fan, not a ****, but as a fan, to see Nadal exact some revenge in 2012. Although it wasn't the best tennis Nadal has played, it was great to see him reel off three in a row. And I agree, the match against Berdych was his best match of 2012.

I agree with you that he's lost some of his passion, but don't you ever think you're being too negative by half by acting like he's absolutely miserable out there. Besides the debacles in Madrid and Wimb, he had a pretty good year, even by his standards.
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