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IN order to play the open player, the next day, with a broken bone in my frame hand, I took a vibrator to it, with a heat pad, after icing it, and then taped the broken finger to the unbroken ones, and made a temp cast, I could remove before and after the match. Hurt like hell, but healed fast in three weeks even after the match, but I kept vibrating it, and removing the cast nightly after work. During estimates, so people did not see I had a cast on, I wore a jacket over the broken hand to hide the cast.

Having track experience, and seen and felt many pulls, I know what a pull is. The open player I played was black also, very dark color. It's not relevant, except for visuality. If you've ever been mugged by a group, of punks, using weapons like sticks and such, you know what that feels like. Hard to see out of blackened eyes. The true point is, I am not normal. To be able to win any games at all would be abnormal. I took it to him by serving and volleying to his bh weak side only.

It's not a race issue. We all love the game otherwise why post? If it does not help you, don't do it, but to call it dangerous, is silly. What do you think happens to your blood pressure when you play? When you run? When you grunt or serve? It goes through the roof. This is raising blood pressure without raising heart beat. Shoving with energy and not just pressure. For you to call it dangerous is only due to ignorance. To review string you have not tried is also ignorant.
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