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I don't believe that the universe was created by accident, in a trillion to trillion chance that life could develop. Why are there so many people who don't see that? I don't know. In our galaxy alone there are probably 10,000 water planets like ours. With life. Water is the most valuable element. In the universe. We are sitting on a gold mine and don't know it. Just because we can't measure divinity or even our own physical energy doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
There could be an infinite number of universes out there, not one. We may be living on the only one on which life evolved by chance.

The fallacy is in believing that the universe exists to support life. It may or may not be true. Just like a river exists whether or not you go boating on it, and if you go boating on it, it doesn't mean the river was created with you in mind. The idea that life and humans are central to the universe is called the anthropic hypothesis, and has its supporters.
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