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Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post
I've tried a few myself and it seemed that any of the mids that were good 'n hefty also had a decent degree of forgiveness. I haven't sampled any of the middle-weight Dunlop 100's, but a couple of my mids have weighed in at 13.0 oz. or even more (I have a couple of leaded up "trainers" that weigh 13.4 oz.).

Yonex racquets seem to have an inherently wider sweet-spot and some players here who have used their mids have offered that those frames play more like a traditional (oval shaped) mid-plus. I've only used their older MP Tour-1 mid, but the sweet-spot on that racquet definitely wasn't elusive for me.

A few years back, I happened upon a Prince NXG mid and found a very good "fit" with that racquet. The weight, balance, and extra flex made for a recipe that clicked with me right out of the box. Despite the smaller head size, it was much easier for me to put the ball in the heart of the string bed with that racquet than just about any other 95"-100" frame I had used. No mystery - that's why we demo, right? We know a good fit when we feel it.

One thing that can chase the forgiveness out of a mid in a hurry (for me) is the wrong string tension. I'm usually much more aware of a harsh or dead string bed in a mid when I string it a little too snug than with maybe a 98" hoop. Just something to keep in mind if you get to trying different mids.
Thank you for your insight...and it also seems that the aerodynamics of a mid make it just about as fast as a lower sw midplus.

A reason why I want a mid is because I get very lazy with my preparation with a 11oz tweener. I am fairly strong, so I can be lazy. I think I possess fairly good technique and believe that using a mid will just force me to play my best. Not to mention, the sublime precision and control of a mid.
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