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Default Please clarify...

Originally Posted by julian View Post
if a player/student comes to a 12 UNDER tournament and someone/tournament director brings GREEN
DOTS balls there is NOTHING a player can do.
The player has to play the given ball.
According to what I was told a player should expect/be ready for this scenario
even if he spent last five months playing REGULAR USPTA approved balls.
I do NOT mean to be disrespectful
I just plainly do NOT understand your post or I do NOT understand the phrase
"play green".
Maybe you meant green foam balls-please clarify.
It is possible that my problem is "local" and that I make big deal out of nothing but ...
What USTA section is 12 and under not novice or intermediate but Open and only using Green dot balls? When I refer to green or green dot I am referring to ball compression 75% of regular compression balls.
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