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Originally Posted by tennisenthusiast View Post
I am sure some of you may think this is a dumb question and I can expect some funny responses but nevertheless let me put it out there.

What is the best/recommended way to pick up balls in between points and/or games? Do you always bend to pick them up or use your feet to get them or use an equipment?

Which method will put less pressure on your lower back? We do this action so many times in our lifetime and was wondering what is the best way.
I read that the best method to pick up things is to lean from the hip on one leg, with the other one sliding back and up a bit, as if picking a golf ball out of a hole. Use this for everything from picking up tennis balls to unloading the dishwasher, etc. When I remember to do it, it actually feels pretty good and doens't stress the back.
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