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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
Jelena is getting a Masters degree to decorate Djokovic's dining room with it, and Xisca will be having a highly paid job within the mafioso financial structures of the Nadal clan.

It is absolutely hilarious, how they watch their BF play, without having a clue what is going on. Totally fake.

On the other hand, Mirka is absolutely on her right place in a tennis stadium and supporting her man, because she actually knows what he needs and goes through.

Serioulsy, could you be more offensive? How do you know what Jelena and Xisca are doing with their lives? I am a Federer fan but kragster has a point about Mirka. I mean she basically gave up her ambitions and own career to follow Federer around the world and cater to him 24/7. I know she acted as his manager and helped him tremendously but that is not the point. It is not the best advice to give a modern woman to follow a man all over the world and sacrifice her own ambitons/goals. Very risky thing to do, plus I can't imagine it would be very fulfilling. But each to her own.
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