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Originally Posted by corners View Post
I think that the best starting place would be mid-tension using 4g, which I think is what Wilson is doing with the racquets they provide for these organized playtests. It will be interesting to hear what Wilson recommends for strings and tensions when they launch this line. Hopefully they won't just recommend 4g at mid-tension! But 4g would be a good choice, as TWU's lab tests show that it holds tension better than any copoly on the market. A string that stays closer to its original tension would be less likely to get too loose to snap back quickly and would tend to provide a more consistent rebound angle and spin level over the life of the stringjob. And I think that will be more important with these super-open patterns.

I also like copoly at low tensions but I would be wary of going too low in these patterns, for the reasons mentioned in the earlier posts. But people will just have to experiment. When the strings start getting stuck out of place and the launch angle gets too high you'll know you've strung it too loose.

I don't think so. Multi would actually be my last choice for a cross string because the many small strands of nylon in a multi break one by one and fray, putting friction drag on the mains as they slide by. If you want to go with a nylon string I would choose a very smooth synthetic gut (which are monofilaments) instead. But in general I think it would be best to stick with full copoly with these patterns, although gut/copoly should be very interesting if the tension is right. In general though, the reduced number of crosses will reduce the stringbed stiffness, so stringing up a 16x15 at 65 might result in total stringbed stiffness equivalent to a 16x19 at 55 pounds. (But that's just a guess). This might account for reports that the 99S is comfortable despite it's apparently high throat stiffness.

I think full copoly will definitely be better than the copoly/multi you've got now. And another reason for that is that the TW Professor found that, in 16x10 patterns, the cross string stiffness is also very important to timely snapback and spin. Mulitis and synguts are both significantly less stiff than copolys. Take a look at Figure 10 from this study

Also take a look at Figure 3, which is very interesting. You can see that with all strings tighter is better in 16x10 patterns, but in 16x19 patterns some strings produce more spin at 30 pounds and others produce more spin at 60 pounds of tension. Since 16x15 is kind of in the middle of those two patterns I think it's very hard to predict what would work best with the 99S and 105S. These are the only frames where I would even think about sticking to the manufacturer's recommended string and tension
I hit the 99s on the machine today, including about 120 volleys from around the services line to gauge feel and I sensed no loss of feel for Steam compared to my Yonex RDIS 200 Lite strung with a full bed of Volkl Cyclone 17 at 50 pounds. Ground strokes were about the same as the Yonex, perhaps a little more spin but not a huge amount in my opinion....but I obviously don't have a Doppler Radar at my disposal. This demo was also strung at 62 with 4g in the mains and NXT in the crosses.

I really felt that the 105s had more power and far more spin, which is probably pretty obvious due to the extra spacing from the size and power from the lighter and thicker frame. I am leaning towards getting 1 of each in January after today. I was initially thinking of getting 2 105s but I think I will do 1 of each and use the 105 for doubles and 99 for singles (I like a heavier racquet for singles compared to doubles).

I will not string mine with 4g even though that is what Wilson recommends, just too expensive IMO. My favorite string right now is Wilson Spin Cycle so I will probably start with a full bed of that, then maybe try some YTEX and other brands that I have like the Volkl Cyclone.

Thanks for the references and links to the report, it is very very interesting to see higher tension creates more spin for full poly beds. I am not a fan of hybrid stringing but that is all they had for the least they had poly in the mains to give me some-what of the same feel that i would use with my own least a closer representation then a demo with full multi when you are a full poly player

I think I am going to return the 99s on Monday and get the 105s for my match Monday night.

Oh.....the other important thing to me is forgiveness on off center hits, which is why I have been sold on Yonex for the last few years. I have tried the 100 Steam, the 96 and 100 Juice, the 100 and 95 Pro Staff frames from last year and I did not like any of them at all, even might say I disliked I was surprised at these Steam frames. The forgiveness felt equal to my Yonex, so I was very pleased.

BTW.....I am a 35 year old higher end 4.0, probably going to get bumped to 4.5 after next year, just a reference. Thanks for the time!
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