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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
There are trillions of sentient races, and we are the only humans. It takes billions of years to develop space travel, and how many after that for gravity warp drive? Only a few hundred I'd guess. Then we get to go to stars nearby in a few days. Won't help us. Won't be able to survive the biosphere. Won't be able to communicate with the residents who will fire on us. We are pretty much stuck here for quite awhile regardless of tech. How many lower life forms does it take to create/support sentient ones? There must be some kind of parabolic curve. What does it matter to us? Only if we get evicted by some hybrid breed alien clan. Probably rules in place against that. It's our own energy we need to become masters of. We can't film or measure it, or love, or anything energetic or emotional that lives in the wisp. But many people have learned to master it.

The thread was only created for those who may gain from it, not for those who attack it, yet, this is the way of the free forum: attack anything you don't like or agree with. Why not try it objectively instead of the usual? If you do, you will learn to heal twice as fast as normal people do. I pulled my calf three times before learning this. Each took months/years. After this, a week or two. If you don't the only one who will care is you.
I do not think that these members are attacking your idea, but they are offering their advice so others are not harmed. This is just like if you suggested someone who is sick take homeopathic medicine. This will not help the person, and I know that I would want others to point out this fact before I decided to not take real medicine that actual might work.
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