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Thanks, guys, especially Charlie, whom you can always count on for loads of info.

4 weeks ago a series of unfortunate events just occurred for me within a week. Coupled with my already unhealthy lifestyle (lots of energy, sugary drinks, binge eating, etc), I felt really ill and got a blood red eye. Doctor diagnosed me at 150+/105. That BP didn't come down on its own after a week so the doc put me on a medication. I changed my diet, took up treadmill running. After 1 1/2 week it started to come down and I stopped taking the med, (something 81mg each morning). It's been 5 days and my BP registered at 125/89 in the morning and 118/79 in the evening. I'm also taking a couple aspirin in the afternoon whenever I feel some tension in the back of my head.

Eating salads for lunch and running the treadmill is frigging tough, but that seems to help the most.

What's amazing for me is that I feel that at 36 my body is going downhill disproportionally fast. I could deal with the same (bad) lifestyle in my 20s, early 30 with no problem but things got bad quick after 35!!!!!!!!
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