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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Not sure what you are talking about the 'full effect'. If you are talking about how it plays (compared to say the single stripe POG w a grommet strip), the grommets have no effect on the feel. I'd think there's more variability in how it'll play due to the fact that you're playing with a racket that's over 30 years old that has been strung a hundred times and who knows where/how it's been stored or what abuse it's been through.
Again, thanks for the info. I was referring to (again, prob something I should have just said out right) how a lot of the i.grommets have split and all of them are very brittle, and I can feel the inconsistencies and the rubbing of the strings on the split grommets. I don't know how many times it's been strung, but the overall condition is very good, hardy any marks on the upper hoop even though it's lacking the bumper guard. When I get the replacement grommets, I'll get some of my own string in there and I know it's going to feel sweeeet
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