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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
You're wasting your time,cc. *********2008 thinks **** has the best serve,return,backhand,forehand,volleys,lobs,moveme nt,footwork,overheads,healed the sick,stopped world hunger,created heaven and earth,can squash you like a bug with his superpowers,more powerful than a locomotive,etc... You'll never convince him **** isn't Djesus Christ Superman with a Head racket and wearing Uniqlo. Lol. Nobody in the history of tennis ever did anything better than Djesus in his opinion.

Forum is putting spaces in my words. I guess even it knows all that stuff is bs.
Ha, ha. It annoys me when people say Djokovic at age 25 has the best ROS of all time. That is disrespectful of greats before him like Agassi and Connors.
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